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About Us:

Here at Rhestring we specialize in the Restringing of Badminton Rackets, to the customer's specific needs/desires.

String type, diameter, construction and tension, all have their own impact on the performance, durability and feel to the end user.

We are happy to advise you on those choices, but every player will have their own "feel" for what is right for them, and that's where we differ from other restringing companies.

We fully customise each Restring to your requirements.

  • Want a different colour Crosses to the Mains?  We can do that.


  • Want different thickness strings for Crosses to the Mains? We can do that.

  • Want to Try a Hybrid (different string) for the Crosses to the Mains? We can do that.

So, broken your strings? Give us a call or drop us an Email, and we'll be more than happy to arrange your package!


Prices are dependant upon String chosen and start from as little as £12.50

Please Note: Before your racket is restrung, we will fully check the frame and condition of the grommets for any defects, cracks in frame, worn out grommets etc. And we will then advise you of any extra costs or if it is safe to continue before the start. Damages that arise from stress fractures in the frame, will not be accepted as our responsibility, and will be the racket owners responsibility if they have decided to proceed with a restring.